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Buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies at the best price with our comparison tool. The different offers are compared taking into account their fees, the means of payment used and your country, this in real time.

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Coinbase is a Californian company founded in 2012, it offers a wallet as well as the sale of cryptocurrencies. By using our link, you will earn 9.20 euros by buying for 92 Euros of cryptocurrency.


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Some tips and tricks when buying cryptocurrencies.


Watch out for fake sellers

Fake sales sites are present on the web, and sometimes well referenced by search engines. They offer you very attractive rates, sometimes 20 to 50 cheaper, some are presented as being a currency trick with Youtube videos. In the end, these are scams and you will lose your money.
The rate is the same for all sellers, they refer to official rates and the difference corresponding to the transaction fees and internal margin of their system. So if it can vary from 1 to 3, it will never reach 20 to 50 as promised on scam sites.

Serious sites


Serious sites are listed on our pages, you also have a list of all exchange sites as well as wallets. Before you use a site to buy or exchange cryptocurrencies, you need to check its seriousness on the internet in order to report their reputation on the web.



Never negotiate a purchase, exchange or currency exchange and generally provide any personal information on a site that is not SSL security. You must see “https://” in front of the name of the site address.


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Feel Bitcoin aims to introduce you to the exciting world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well as the potential to make money from cryptocurrency-related activities.



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