What is a masternodes

It is an indispensable link in the network because it allows the security of transactions. By managing a masternode, you will receive a cryptocurrency fee for each transaction going through your masternode.

Are there any scams?

The choice of Masternodes managers avoids problems, we offer a catalog of Masternode managed by a French company also present in the United States, a guarantee of seriousness for several years.



This French company offers a growing choice of masternodes as well as shares of masternodes to diversify its investments and start without big investments.


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How it works

If Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work with masternodes, the exploitation of these does not yield any special reward, it is not by operating a Bitcoin masternode, that one obtains BTC!

Blockchains operating under a protocol called Proof-of-Stake, and any user is free and able to operate a Masternode, in return for the removal of a variable amount of cryptocurrency from the network considered in the form of collateral, the operator becomes eligible for “rewards”, dividends.

Growing capital

The passive income of the masternode

The Masternode is a passive investment, it allows to receive rewards from a capital that will not sleep, without any management concerns because managed by a third party.


New opportunities

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