Mining farms

Mining farms

What is a mining farm

Mining farms host mining machines under maintenance, safety and energy cost optimization conditions for your account. You can buy the machines already installed directly or send your own machines, although this creates unnecessary installation and delivery costs.

Mining farms

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They are preferred by some investors in order to ensure proximity and better control of its equipment.

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Mining farms


This allows you to benefit from particularly attractive energy and infrastructure costs in some countries, and thus significantly reduce the day-to-day loads of your mining equipment.

Mining farms

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Mining farm

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A mining farm is a place where we will gather machines that will mine cryptocurrency. Miner is the act of validating transactions on the Proof Of Work consensus.

Mining equipment

The choice of mining farms

Mining farms use ASICs, the best performing ones like theAntminer S19 Pro

Mining farms

Where are the mining farms

Initially, mining farms were located in cold countries such as Greenland, Canada or the Island, making it easy to use outdoor air to cool down.

Today the new farms establish next to place where the energy is overfilled, electricity is very difficult to store and unused surpluses are often lost. Developing countries are often in this situation, so we can find the new mining farms in a set of Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan.


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