Minage Farm
in France

Mining farm in France

Why choose a mining farm in France?

French investors sometimes prefer to house their mining machines with a local structure while benefiting from negotiated energy tariffs and to get rid of the constraints associated with this activity, including congestion, maintenance, maintenance, troubleshooting, software updates as well as noise and thermal nuisances.

Mining farms in France

Alps – France

Located in the heart of the Alps, you get a negotiated rate from just 0.11 cts/Kwh.

Mining farm in France

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Mining farm in France

Mining farm

Mining farms

International competition

In France, electricity is more expensive and it is impossible to negotiate rates as low as what can be obtained in some Asian countries or even in Canada, Iceland. Apart from the cost of electricity is the major factor in the renatability of a mining farm.

Mining farm in France

What for?

The reasons are often security, some investors prefer to bet on an explosion of the Increase of The Bitcon in the future and security to work with a nearby mining farm. On the other hand, the start-up and installation costs (transportation costs) are much lower and must be taken into account over the duration of the investment.


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