Mining machines

Mining machines

What is a mining machine

The growing need for computing power has led to the development of machines dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrencies. These mining equipments are turnkey, just plugging them into the sector and the internet to undermine them; you can also have them housed on farms for complete management and energy at a negotiated price.

Mining machines


Rigs are mine equipment composed of several GPUs and can adapt to the mining of several cryptocurrencies and adapt to possible changes in their algorithm.


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Mining machines


Asics are specialized mining equipment, they are a greater computing power and are beaucooup less energy consuming, however each Asics can only mine the cryptocurrency for which it is intended and certainly will not be able to adapt to an evolution of its algorithm.


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Cryptomonnase mining machines

Mining equipment


Bitcoin mining machine

Bitcoin mining is an extremely competitive niche, standard CPUs do not have enough power and asICs mining machines are needed.

Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Mining Machines

You can use any personal computer to mine Ethereum, provided the system has a GPU of at least 2GB of RAM. GPUs are 200 times faster than CPUs when it comes to undermining Ethereum, and consume a lot of electricity. The RIG mining machine is suitable for mining the Ethereum.

Dash Mining

Machines to mine the Dash

Dah type is highly recommended on ASIC mining machines.

Monero Mining

Machines to mine the Monero

Monero is usually mined by CPU/GPU as there is currently no ASIC for Monero. AMD graphics cards are optimal for mining Monero, but you can also mine it with a mining machine equipped with Nvidia GPU.


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