PrimeXBTB is a trading platform that since 2014 has offered traders a new opportunity to trade on many cryptocurrencies with leverage. This allows you to trade without having to invest huge sums of money.

Leverage is a feature sought by seasoned traders. Unlike many trading platforms that offer very limited leverage for virtual currency trading, PrimeXBT offers a leverage of 1:100. This means that for every Euro, the trader will receive a sales and purchase power of 100. This will naturally give access to a higher market position, generating even more profits.

Traders can exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies and hedge existing assets, also profit from rallies or market downturns. This means that you can either opt for a short (sale) or a long term (purchase) with PrimeXBT.

PrimeXBT offers the ability to take advantage of a leverage of up to 1:100 while having a very user-friendly interface, fully customizable by also integrating the support of several monitors. Very easy to understand for beginners while incorporating advanced tools popular with professional traders.

The fees of this trading platform are particularly low and very competitive.

The fees are of two types:

  • commercial financing for each purchase and sale action
  • day-to-day funding. Given the leverage, you will need to finance the negotiated value through day-to-day financing. Financing is also called cost of borrowing and is based on the liquidity of the underlying asset. Of course if you open and then close a leveraged position in the same day, you will not be subject to these daily fees.

In addition it is very easy to trade to trade with PrimBXT, because traders simply have to register and can start without waiting, nor KYC procedure. Don’t forget that for any trading that has a lot of leverage, caution is the order of the day when trading. Any false movement could result in the liquidation of traders and even the loss of all their cryptographic coins. You should never trade in any of the sums you can afford to lose.

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